Our consultancy assignments typically start with an initial diagnosis of the current “as is” state of purchasing within the client. We will identify the performance gap between your current purchasing performance and global best practice. Highlight both the business and purchasing implications for your organization. Identify clear steps for improvement.

Unlike a typical bench marking evaluation that compares and contrasts key performance metrics between competitors or organizations in similar sectors, we provide consultancy service that compares an organization's performance against established global best practice for each of the key enablers of World Class purchasing. Bench marking drives performance to the best level in a given sector; a baseline review drives performance beyond sector best to the highest possible achievable level.

Findings and supporting analysis are presented in a report format with easy to understand graphics identifying the performance gap between current purchasing capability and performance and global best practice.

We will perform consultancy via email correspondence and online meeting to cater the social distancing. If you need more information about PMK consultancy services please fill in the registration page and we will contact you shortly.