Procurement and Supply Chain Academy

Essential Supply Chain Planning (PLAN)

This course is to provide participants the basic understanding of planning and supply chain management so that participant will be able to perform supply chain planning. Typical supply chain planning is provided and discussed for a case study.

Developing Cost Owner Estimate / (HPS/OE) (SOURCE)

After participating in this training, participants are expected to analyze and arrange their own estimates according to user needs. Participants will learn the basics and steps of cost analysis, research technique, benchmarking, environmental analysis and industry analysis.

Managing Contract and Supplier Relationship (SOURCE)

This topic covers a clear understanding of main supplier relations, management methods, taking account of legal, ethical, financial, and contractual issues. This course will provide the essential contracting capabilities, including approval and contractual relationship management methods as well as methods to manage risks, disputes and potential conflicts in the procurement and contracting processes.

Managing Contract Risk Performance and Negotiation (SOURCE)

This workshop will equip you with the framework in implementing an effective market approach & supply chain analysis, planning a tender & establishing a contracting strategy, managing contract risks & opportunity to gain greater contract values, as well as enhancing your contract negotiation skills & effectiveness of managing contract performance.

Procurement for Non Procurement Professional (SOURCE)

The role of procurement is increasing in importance as the pressure to deliver efficiency and effectiveness from external suppliers. Therefore, this training is designed to provide the participants with a firm understanding of modern public sector procurement practice and insight as to how they may best support and contribute to their organization's procurement objectives.

Supplier Relationship Management (SOURCE)

This classroom-based course is been designed, developed and delivered by procurement professionals with extensive experience in managing supplier relationships and delivering operational performance improvement. The training uses participants’ own supplier examples and experiences to analyze and plan immediate improvement activity for implementation after the classroom session.

Strategic Sourcing (SOURCE)

Strategic Sourcing is a sustainable and structured approach to effectively manage your categories of spend. It enables you to deliver total cost optimization even in this uncertain time where global economic activity slowing down and continued pressure for transparency in both private and public procurement.

Category Management (SOURCE)

Category management incorporates a sourcing process that flows from stakeholders engagement to post-contract supplier relationship management. Following a structured category management methodology will result in better sourcing outcomes and reduces total cost of ownership.

Basic of Supply Chain Management (SOURCE)

This training is based on CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) Module 1. This module covers manufacturing, distributions, service, and retail industries. This includes the fundamentals relationships in the design, planning, executions, monitoring, and control that occur.

Effective Contracting Management (SOURCE)

The Effective Contracting Management course introduces the concepts, issues, techniques and best practices you will study in greater depth to deliver fast, focused, high quality with inherent learning process in delivering and managing contracts.

Procurement & Contract Management (SOURCE)

In this program, participants will be introduced to various real-world cases of Petrochemical Plant Projects both local and overseas. Participants may bring the details of one of their own current projects. Because of this experience with practical situations, participants can use these project management principles in their first days back in the daily job.

Supply Chain Risk Management (SOURCE)

This classroom course support procurement professionals in the management of supply chain risk in theirsourcing activities. Tools for identification, prioritization and mitigation of risk are introduced and applied to real-life category examples. Up to date case studies are used, addressing the role of procurement in risk related to legislation, ethics, sustainability, finance, supply shortage, and environmental disaster...