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Connecting the whole source to pay process-procurement, contract management, supplier management, expenses, invoicing and payment - on one technology platform delivers significant efficiencies and cost savings in and of it-self.



In a bid to remain competitive and make the best of limited resources, it is imperative that organizations be cautious with their spending. Intelligently controlling spend enables companies to avoid making costly errors that hit their bottom line. Slow adoption of technology poses a large risk and its negative consequences have unfortunately been realized when it is too late. Utilizing the power that comes with the right business spend management can help provide a cushion of protection against diminishing margins and unnecessary costs. The days of having to worry about the management of everyday runaway costs and misallocated funds will be over. Transforming your business with Coupa will help tip the scale towards efficient spend management.

Why use Coupa

A unified platform

Coupa’s utilization of cloud services enables the creation of an easy to use spend management platform that helps unify processes across various departments by connecting them to a single source. Unified processes allow tasks to be carried out effectively and therefore employees get to spend their time on more valuable tasks

A higher rate of adoption

According to statistics produced by hostingtribunal.com, 83% of all enterprise workloads are expected to be on the cloud by 2020. Currently 94% of all enterprises rely on a cloud-based service. This goes a long way to show you the acceptance and adoption of cloud-based management services. Coupa remains one of the most implemented spend management software services. Suppliers have expressed a preference for Coupa’s usability on smartphones or email, allowing them to access information about payment and invoicing options. The system is easy to use, making its implementation widespread.

Transparency in reporting

Coupa’s system aims to build trust through transparency. You get the required visibility in tracking and managing your spend. Coupa gives you enhanced transparency and efficiency in budget allocation and reports. The easy to use dashboards allow everyone to navigate information for insight on what is happening either through an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.

Easy integration

Integration issues due to existing systems remain as one of the main challenges faced by organizations when implementing new technologies. However, with Coupa you get a cloud-based business spend management system that has an open API integration platform which supports APIs from middleware, payment and invoicing platforms, single or multiple ERP integrations and tax engines. This means that Coupa can seamlessly integrate with any of your legacy systems.

Reduced Overheads

By taking advantage of Coupa, organizations stand to benefit from reduced overhead costs associated with the implementation of technology systems such as the cost of infrastructure and support. Since Coupa is cloud-based, companies do not require costly infrastructure to keep it running. Additionally, with Coupa’s 24-hour system support, you no longer need to incur costs involved with training and keeping individuals tasked with troubleshooting and providing support as you would in the case of on-premise software applications.

Overall, the Coupa business spend management and procurement platform will be critical in structuring your organization’s spend management by increasing visibility in spending, analysing spending metrics and generating reports.